The Heart

extract from Peace means action, p. 70, Yves Chaumette

The heart is the center, focus and Truth
Gateway from the One to the many
Path of Life,
Space which focuses in a myriad of points.
Heart, Heart of the Master, Father, I love Thee, Blessed be Thou
Boundless Heart, infinite Space which shelters all things
In truth, This is My Body

The Heart is Softness, Tenderness and Compassion
Mother of the World who gathers spirit
absorbs it into a point, compacts it into a stone,
places it in an humble blade of grass.
Drops of Thy sweat, Thy labor, Thy giving birth
trampled upon by feet.
The Blood of Thy Softness pours out.
Eternally renewed gift.
Mother-Matter I love thee
In truth, This is My Blood

The Heart is Strength and Beauty
total affirmation
Diamond Fire, electric Lightning, invincible Will
Thy Fire gives Live, Infinity
Resplendent Beauty
Breath, Fire, Blaze of the Possible
In truth, This is My Breath

AUM M. Mastery, Maitreya comes